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Nylocast Plastics Co is one of Polynyl Plastics Pty Ltd trading groups. Polynyl Plastics specialise in the development of polyurethane products.

Nylocast Plastics Co: Have a range of Castors and wheels to suit trolley applications for your commercial needs.

Superior Poly Products: Is another trading group marketing a range of specialty products.

Polyurethane Consulting Services: is offered as another trading group of Polynyl Plastics.

As Manufacturers of polyurethane products since 1964.

Our services offer a range of products that cover a wide variety of applications used in industry today and in the future.

Food grade applications are expanding the mandatory requirement in industry today. The M.S.D.S will show FDA approved materials for these products.

Over time grades of plastics have improved and some products have improved and evolved for the better. As industry need changes newer and improved materials will be used to improve our lives.

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