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Product catalogue, services offered include:

  • Forklift wheels: To suit Batery Electric.
  • Laundry wheels: To Suit Dryers, conveyors
  • Sweeper wheels:
  • Escalator/Elevator Wheels:
  • Polyurethane Sheets: Standard Sizes are available (Shore Hardness, Thickness, Color and or cut to size can be ordered.)
  • Bar Polyurethane: Stansard Sizes are available. Custom Build. (Shore Hardness Color and cut to size can be ordered.)
  • Rod Polyurethane: Standard Sizes are available. Custom Build. (Shore Hardness Color and cut to size can be ordered)
  • Tube Polyurethane: Standard Sizes are available Custom Build. ( Shore Hardness Color and cut to size can be ordered)
  • Consultancy: Service can be conducted on appraisal of the project requirements.

                                    Custom Moulding

  In order to make a presentation the agreed specifications to be formalised  for the production of moulds necessary to suit quantities required for production.

  1. Engineering
  2. Food Grade Applications
  3. Grade and/or Type of Polyurethane
  4. Hardness in Durometer Shore "A" or Durometer Shore "D"
  5. Color

For new work that require moulds. These may be produced and advised as to the suitable mould quantity for the batch production runs to achieve best lead time to suit your needs.

Product durability can be measured by the 1. Abrasive Resistence 2. Stress in the form of (A) Cycles or (B) In the case of a wheel (Load, Speed and Cycle time). Other mesurements of stress in Polyurethane are Rolling Resistance, Tyre Deflection and Pressure in P.S.I.

Please email your specifications drawings etc to info@nylocast.com or info@polynyl.com. Your enquiry will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Nylocast Plastics Co: Looks forward to making a presentation to you for your project.

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